Queer/Transgender Justice

What's the issue?

Throughout history of the HIV epidemic, Q/T people have cared for each other and stood up for resources and policies to save our lives and communities. Q/T people are deeply affected by HIV/AIDS:
  • Gay and bisexual men account for 56% of HIV, making up – by far – the largest group of people with HIV.
  • Young gay and bi men of color represent the biggest share of new HIV cases, with both the rate and total number of new infections continuing to rise.
  • 14-69% of trans people are living with HIV (since trans people were excluded from most data collection and analysis of program funding; we await more precise national estimates).
  • Yet, only 3% of the Federal HIV/AIDS budget is dedicated to prevention, and just 1/3 of that is specifically designated for gay and bisexual men.

Why we fight:

Q/T people – despite gaining some legal rights and greater cultural acceptance -- continue to face high rates of stigma, violence, poverty, imprisonment, gender bias and racism. Despite advances in HIV treatment, these larger political and economic factors contribute to inequalities (like barriers to education, jobs, safe housing or family support) that feed the AIDS epidemic ensnaring many queer and trans people. For example, Q/T youth make up 40% of those in homeless youth services, with 68% reporting that family rejection led to their homelessness. Unstable housing increases HIV risk.

What's our network doing about it?

HIV PJA creates and supports campaigns that harness and increase the resilience of Q/T communities. Our top concerns include the need for resources and policies for family acceptance programs, trauma-informed health care and services for LGBTQ elders.

ACT UP New York releases the Atlanta Principles: Challenges CDC to bolster prevention efforts

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This post has been cross-posted from our allies at ACT UP New York. To see the original posting, please click here.   The Atlanta Principles Researchers from the Emory School of Public Health recently released an estimate: 12% of young black gay men in Atlanta become infected with HIV each year. In the cohort studied, […]

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ACT UP to Tom Frieden: You’re MIA on HIV

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From our allies at ACT UP New York and Treatment Action Group: Press Contact: Jennifer Avril, ACT UP NY jen@avrilconsulting.com (917) 982-9012 ACT UP to Tom Frieden: You’re MIA on HIV New Infections on the Rise in Key Subpopulations, Despite Options for Prevention JUNE 9, 2014 – ATLANTA, GA – The number of new cases […]

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Blueprints for our collective protection: Charles Stephens on Black gay men, sexual health, HIV prevention and justice

| April 23, 2014 | 0 Comments

In early March, researchers at the 2014 Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI) revealed a stark 12.1% HIV incidence among young black gay men in Atlanta, Georgia – the highest rate ever measured in any population of a resource-rich nation. We turned to one of the early strategists of the HIV prevention justice movement, the […]

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5/6: Future of Prevention is Here – Jeff McConnell Memorial Webinar

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Pleasure, Protection, Love, Lust, And Listening to Communities: The Future of HIV Prevention is Here A Webinar in Memory of Jeff McConnell Tuesday, May 6 from 10:00am to 11:30am ET Join HIV PJA, AVAC, and IRMA on Tuesday, May 6 from 10:00am to 11:30am ET for a webinar dedicated to the memory of Jeff McConnell […]

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My Top 3 Gripes on Coverage of Woman-to-Woman HIV Transmission Case

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Top three things about the recent NY Times story In Rare Case, Woman With H.I.V. Infects Female Sex Partner, C.D.C. Says that make my head pop off (noting also that the coverage is in keeping with the tone/content/non-content of the CDC’s  Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report on which it was based…): 1) “… the event was exceedingly rare […]

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