Getting one step closer to health equity

| July 28, 2017 | 0 Comments

ACA Here to StayYou did it, — your calls, letters, Tweets and conversations brought a decisive end to repeated, desperate efforts to take down the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and take away health insurance from millions of Americans! For now, TrumpCare is a thing of the past. We can take a deep breath and feel assured that our path toward health equity will continue forward.

THANK YOU for sticking with this fight these past several months. Now, an estimated 22 million Americans who stood to lose insurance coverage will be able to visit the doctor and get their life-saving medications, including people living with HIV who benefit from the ACA. This is a great day for the community of advocates, clients and supporters, which believe health care is a right and not an option. And a great testament to the democratic process!

We know that this fight doesn’t end here. Republicans have been working for almost fifty years to create inequity in our health care system. In the days ahead, we will have to fight against cuts to Medicaid and ensure the Trump administration funds the subsidies consumers use for financial assistance to purchase insurance on the Marketplace. However, today we celebrate a tremendous victory that wouldn’t be possible without you! Stay tuned for more information on next steps, about how you can stay engaged in the fight.

Thank you for standing up and being a bold voice for our community.

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