Oct. 11 Webinar: Introducing the sourcebook on US state and federal HIV criminal law and practice

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Introducing the sourcebook on US state and federal HIV criminal law and practice: Pathways to reform and state perspectives on reform strategy

Webinar: Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2 – 3:15 p.m. ET
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Join The Center for HIV Law and Policy, the Georgia Coalition to End HIV CriminalizationHIV Modernization Movement Indiana (HMM), and HIV Prevention Justice Alliance for this webinar to find out what’s new in CHLP’s Sourcebook on State and Federal HIV Criminal Law and Practice and the most effective ways HIV criminal reform advocates can use it to inform and support their work. There will also be a discussion of different pathways to reform HIV criminal laws, some of the advantages and disadvantages of these different options, and key factors to consider in deciding on a reform strategy.

Advocates from the Georgia Coalition to End HIV Criminalization and HMM Indiana will join CHLP to describe efforts to reform the HIV criminal laws in their states and their experience of identifying a reform strategy.

Released in August 2017, CHLP’s new Sourcebook is a comprehensive compendium of the laws in every state used to prosecute people living with HIV and other STIs. It’s a vital resource for community advocates reforming state laws, and for attorneys working on non-disclosure or exposure prosecutions.

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