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Donte Smith


DontSmithByRossFormanAffiliation: AIDS Foundation of Chicago

Donté Smith is a Chicago transplant who has been living with HIV since 2009. Donté has engaged in a wide variety of social justice movements including student, labor, anti-war, and queer and transgendered liberation. Awarded a Chicago’s 30 under 30 in 2012 for their work as an HIV advocate, Donté works at the Center on Halsted as their Youth Outreach Coordinator. Previously, Donte served as a member of the AIDS United AmeriCorps Chicago team, which was awarded the 2012 Award of Excellence by the Alexian Brothers’ AIDS Ministry for their long-term community garden project.

As a past National Forensic League Service awardee, Donté attended the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. Besides their advocacy work, Donté co-founded the Black and Brown Punk Show series in 2010, which brings together punk communities and artists of color from all over the country. As Dj Masisi (Creole for “faggot”), Donté performs all over the city and country.