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Kiesha McCurtis


kmccurtisAffiliation: Desiree Alliance

Kiesha McCurtis is the Co-Chair of the HIV PJA Steering Committee. She serves as Project Director for the Intervention Core of the UCLA Center for HIV Identification, Prevention and Treatment Services, an NIMH funded prevention research center that provides technical and capacity building assistance to scientists and diverse stakeholders.

She is also a member and consultant for Desiree Alliance, a diverse, volunteer-based, sex worker-led network of organizations, communities and individuals across the U.S. building local and regional leadership and constructive activism in the sex worker population to advocate for sex workers’ human, labor and civil rights. Kiesha has worked in the HIV prevention field in both research and community-based settings. Her interests include social justice and human rights-based approaches to HIV prevention through research, activism, advocacy, and training.