About Us

A snapshot of our national and worldwide membership!

The HIV Prevention Justice Alliance (HIV PJA) is a diverse, national human rights network at the intersection of HIV/AIDS and economic, racial and social justice.

Together, we confront HIV/AIDS by mobilizing against the social drivers of the epidemic in the United States.

As organizations and individuals, we share information, collaborate on strategic campaigns and take bold action to win lifesaving policy changes.

We focus not only on HIV-specific issues, but also the broader human rights and social justice issues that affect our families and communities.

Through this work, we’re paving the road to the end of the AIDS epidemic in our lifetimes.

HIV PJA will focus on mass incarceration, with an emphasis on HIV criminalization, and universal health care using the lenses of economic, queer and racial justice.



HIV PJA goals are to develop and implement National Organizing and Policy Strategies that systemically reduce factors that drive the HIV epidemic and health inequities


We are inspired by the words of Vito Russo, from 1988:

We’re so busy putting out fires right now, that we don’t have the time to talk to each other and strategize and plan for the next wave, and the next day, and next month and the next week and the next year.

And, we’re going to have to find the time to do that…. We have to commit ourselves to doing that. And then, after we kick the shit out of this disease, we’re all going to be alive to kick the shit out of this system, so that this never happens again.