About Us

A snapshot of our national and worldwide membership!

The HIV PJA is dedicated to strategic collaboration and mobilization on policies affecting HIV/AIDS in the United States.

We mobilize our members and partner organizations around five issue areas, focused the social drivers of HIV in the U.S, including:

  • Health care justice
  • Mass imprisonment & criminalization

  • National HIV/AIDS policy

  • Queer and transgender justice

Using best practices in campaign and coalition development, online organizing, communications, social media and participatory leadership, we create opportunities for individuals and organizations to:

  • Access, create and share to information and dialogue relevant to our work and concerns;

  • Bring our experiences, perspectives and values to collaborative work on priority issues;

  • Work together to plan and conduct strategic campaigns and coalition work that win; and

  • Participate in highly-effective rapid response and longer-term advocacy to continue to challenge and change wrong-headed policies