The Post-Election Question: Share Your Thoughts

| November 8, 2012 | 0 Comments

President Obama celebrates his win alongside his family, but what do the election results mean for HIV Prevention Justice?

With the dust of the November 6 election beginning to settle across the country, millions of us have now turned our attention to ponder a single, deceptively simple question:

What do the election results mean for our efforts?

The answer to that question differs for the distinct, interrelated pieces of the HIV prevention justice puzzle.  Addressing issues as complex as HIV prevention policy, health care access, queer & transgender justice, economic justice, and mass imprisonment & criminalization requires us to operate on multiple fronts of struggle that intersect with each other, and with every level of government.

Within the results we can find plenty of mixed messages on the issues that will affect the epidemic. Here are a few examples:

  • With re-election of President Obama, it is unlikely the Affordable Care Act will be repealed — but will big wins for Republicans in governor and state legislative races block expansion of basic health care to those most in need?
  • Economic issues were big topics in the election – but will a second Obama administration find new ways to confront the dominance of financial sector interests and big money in Washington, or find new sources of revenue that tap the 1% and free up funds for social and health needs?
  • Voters in several states made history with votes to legalize same sex marriage and marijuana, but will these victories translate into enhanced resilience in LGBTQ communities and an end to the pointless war on drugs?

These are big questions.  And that’s where you come in: the only way we’ll arrive at any answers, and plan our way forward, is through creating a forum for critical conversation.

So we want to know:  From your perspective in your town/city/state, what do the election results mean for our efforts?

And we’re not just looking at the national level – let us know how the election returns could affect the issues you care about at the local, municipal or state level as well, and what you think we need to do about it.

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