Celebrity Cruise Passenger Sues Cruise Line For Malpractice

A passenger on a Celebrity Cruise is suing the cruise line after he received blood from an HIV-positive donor.

The passenger, who is not known by name, developed serious bleeding and rectal hemorrhage after receiving the transfusion on day five of the cruise.

He is now suing the company for damages in an unspecified amount.

Type A-negative blood type is matched to HIV

A woman on a Celebrity Cruise is suing the cruise line for malpractice after she was given a blood transfusion from an HIV-positive donor.

On December 4, 2013, she began bleeding profusely and needed emergency treatment.

The medical staff notified passengers that the blood transfusion would be life-saving and requested Type A-negative donors.

Four people stepped forward to donate blood, and the transfusion was successful.

Unfortunately, the woman later tested positive for HIV.

HIV is passed through blood transfusions, and the woman was never tested before the cruise.

Although the woman was not diagnosed until afterward, it is unclear when the HIV infection was contracted, and she has not yet begun treatment.

The case is complicated, as the plaintiff must prove that the transfusion was the cause of the infection and that proper medical screening would have prevented the disease from spreading.

The story was covered heavily in media, including TMZ and the Daily Mail. In addition to media reports, court documents were also reported.

The donor was HIV positive

In an embarrassing turn of events, a celebrity cruise ship passenger recently received blood from a stranger who had HIV.

The patient was suffering from gastrointestinal bleeding and was in need of an emergency blood transfusion.

Although the woman’s condition was not life-threatening, she had to stop the bleeding in order to stay on the ship.

The blood transfusion she received was a life-saver, but she later tested positive for HIV.

The blood transfusion saved the woman’s life and prompted her to sue Celebrity Cruises.

The cruise ship’s medical staff had requested that Type A-negative blood be available, and four people stepped forward.

These individuals delivered a life-saving transfusion, but the woman later tested positive for HIV.

Transfusion was not properly screened for HIV

A passenger of a Celebrity Cruises vessel is suing the cruise line over a transfusion mistake.

Apparently, the transfusion was not performed properly and the patient, who had an incurable medical condition, was not properly screened for HIV.

Because HIV attacks the body’s immune system, it can lead to AIDS and other illnesses.

A transfusion without HIV screening is extremely dangerous and should be avoided.

While the cruise ship was not required to screen passengers for HIV, it did not have a screening program for HIV.

The American Red Cross says that the risk of contracting HIV from a transfusion is one in every 45,000.

It also notes that screening tests are not capable of detecting the virus in a donor during the window period, which can extend as long as six months.

Patient is suing for unspecified damages

A patient is suing Celebrity Cruises for unspecified damages after receiving HIV-tainted blood during emergency treatment aboard ship.

She says she contracted the disease after receiving blood from an HIV-positive donor.

After being treated by the ship’s doctors, she suffered a rectal hemorrhage and was diagnosed with HIV.

The lawsuit alleges that the cruise line’s medical staff did not follow proper precautions and that the blood transfusion she received was unnecessary.

Celebrity Cruises has not publicly commented on the lawsuit.

The passenger claims that the staff’s incompetence caused her infection and is suing the cruise line for unspecified damages.

The company has not yet responded to a request for comment.

Blood type is matched to HIV

A passenger who is suing Celebrity Cruises claims she was given a blood transfusion while on the cruise from an HIV-positive donor.

She allegedly became ill on day five of the cruise and visited the ship’s infirmary.

She allegedly suffered from a rectal hemorrhage and severe bleeding. She subsequently tested positive for HIV.